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Banking Awareness Questions - 27th August 2014 by Gandhi Raveendra Reddy

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Here I am sharing some banking questions which are important for bank exams.
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 Banking Awareness Questions - 27th August 2014

211. Material alteration:
Answer: Requires drawers authentication.

212. Possession & ownership with borrower :
Answer: Hypothecation

213. Safe Custody is covered under which act :
Answer: Indian Contract Act

214. Safe Deposit Locker relationship with banker is :
Answer: Lessor• Lessee.

215. Debt Equity Ratio :
Answer: Type of Solvency Ratio

216. Break even point means :
Answer: No profit no loss.

217. Target of agriculture finance :
Answer: 18% of ANBC or Credit balance of off Balance sheet items, whichever is higher.

218. Under RTI Act, the person seeking information should have qualifying eligibility of:
Answer: Indian Citizenship .

219. Minimum and maximum maturity period of a Commercial Paper:
Answer: 7 days and 1 year.

220. New name of the Ministry of NRI Affairs :
Answer: Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs.

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