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Banking Awareness Questions - 18th August 2014 by Gandhi Raveendra Reddy

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Here I am sharing some banking questions which are important for bank exams.
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Banking Awareness Questions - 18th August 2014
121. Monetary Museum of India established by RBI is located at:
Answer: Mumbai
122. The country which has banned sale of Tobacco is:
Answer: Bhutan
123. Expand SACP:
Answer: Special Agriculture Credit Plan .
124. Expand OSU:
Answer: Off Shore Unit
125. Maximum Forex permissible to a Resident Indian going abroad as tourist:
Answer: US $ 10,000 per financial year.
126. Banks are required to preserve records as per provisions of :
Answer: Sec 45Y, Banking Regulations Act
127. KYC norms were implemented to:
Answer: Prevent Money Laundering.
128. A unique example of Co-op bank converting to a private commercial bank:
Answer: Development Credit Bank
129. Licence for starting a new Commercial bank is given by:
Answer: RBI
130. RBI rediscounts bills of the banks at :
Answer: Bank Rate
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