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Banking Awareness Questions - 26th August 2014 by Gandhi Raveendra Reddy

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Here I am sharing some banking questions which are important for bank exams.
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Banking Awareness Questions - 26th August 2014
201. Cheque may be crossed by drawer, holder, banker :
Answer: All (Sec. 125)
202. Mortgage by Deposit of title of deeds is :
Answer: Equitable Mortgage• (Transfer of Property Act, Sec. 58F).
203. Mortgage is defined :
Answer: Transfer of Property Act Sec. 58(F)
204. Minor can be appointed as an Agent :
Answer: Principal is responsibIe (Sec. 184 of Contract Act).
205. A/c Payee crossing is not recognised by an act:
Answer: Outcome of custom and usuage.
206. Cheque validfiy period has now statutory sanction as per:
Answer: Sec; 138 of NI Act
207. Writing name of bank on face of Cheque with or without two parallel lines
Answer: Special Crossing. .
208. A/C payee crossing is direction to:
Answer: Collecting banker.
209. In CC a/c Garnishee Order applies to:
Answer: Credit Balance in CC
210. Unclaimed Deposit• 10 years and above :
Answer: RBI (Sec. 26 of Banking Regulation Act)
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