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Banking Awareness Questions - 03rd August 2014 | BankExamzGuru.Blogspot.In

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Here I am sharing some banking questions which are importent for bank exams.
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Banking Awareness Questions - 03rd August 2014
1. External credit rating agencies as approved by the RBI
Answer: CRISIL, ICRA, CARE and FITCH India.
2. What is full form of CRISIL
Answer: Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited
3. Approach has been adopted by PNB for Credit Risk
Answer: Standardized Approach w.e.f. 31.3.08.
4. Risk weight on Regulatory Retail Portfolio:
Answer: 75%
5. Advances have been covered under Thrust Area of Retail segment for 2009-10
Answer: Housing Loans, Education Loans, Auto Loans, Loans to Pensioners, Reverse Mortgage Loan Scheme, Loans to Traders
6. Retail exposure means
Answer: Maximum aggregated retail exposure to one counterpart should not exceed the threshold limit of Rs.5 crore.
7. What is meant by Productive Sector
Answer: Agriculture, export credit, SME, Infrastructure, Service sector
8. Benchmark PLR (BPLR) of PNB
Answer: 11.00% w.e.f. 01.05.2009.
9. The terms Credit Exposures includes
Answer: Funded and non-funded credit limits
10. What is meant by substantial exposure
Answer: Single borrowers enjoying credit facilities in excess of a threshold limit of 10% of capital funds of a Bank
11. Unsecured Exposure Ceiling
Answer: Not exceeding 25% of the total outstanding advances.
12. Advances to individuals against security of shares and debentures
Answer: Rs. 10 lakh against physical shares and Rs.20 lakh against dematerialised shares.
13. Credit Scoring Models in retail segment
Answer: PNB Score.
14. Valuation when the property is Rs.50 crore & above
Answer: done from two valuers on the Bank’s approved panel.
15. Working capital assessment under Nayak Committee:
Answer: WC requirements of Rs. 5.00 crore for SME and Rs. 2.00 crore for Traders.
16. Cash Budget System for MPBF is followed in:
Answer: Sugar, Tea, Service Sector, construction activity, Film Production.
17. Ceiling on Term Loans as per ALM:
Answer: Term loans repayable above 5 years shall not exceed 50% of the term deposits with remaining maturity period of above 5 years.
18. Vetting of Loan Documents:
Answer: Rs. 2 crore & above
19. Cut off limit for submission of Legal Compliance Certificate:
Answer: Rs.10 lakh & above
20. Preventive Monitoring System (PMS) is applicable on:
Answer: Sanctioned limits (FB plus NFB) above Rs. 1 crore.
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