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Banking Awareness Questions - 5th September 2014 by BankExamzGuru

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Here I am sharing some banking questions which are important for bank exams.
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Banking Awareness Questions - 5th September 2014

291. The time period of settlement in case of RTGS is :
Answer: Two Hour

292. Which state has got the maximum agricultural credit from the nationalized banks :
Answer: Andhra Pradesh

293. Which state is at the top in agricultural production in India:
Answer: Punjab

294. In the total food grain output of India, what is the share of Kharif Crops:
Answer: 50%

295. Who is the chairperson of the National Commission on Farmers
Answer: Dr. M.S.Swaminathan

296. What is India's share in world's total exports of milk dairy products:
Answer: 0.5%

297. A bank's aggregate Capital market exposure shall not exceed __ % of the net worth of the bank on a solo and consolidated basis:
Answer: 40%

298. Service tax recovered by the Bank in a month has to be remitted to the Govt. A/c by:
Answer: 5th of the succeeding month

299. Two currencies which have been included by RBI in the basket of currencies to which rupee is linked:
Answer: Yuan & Hong Kong dollar

300. What is the maximum limit permitted for investment by FDls in the equity capital of ARCs:
Answer: 49%

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