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Banking Awareness Questions - 1st September 2014 by BankExamzGuru

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Here I am sharing some banking questions which are important for bank exams.
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Banking Awareness Questions - 1st September 2014
251. Which sector has become the world's biggest source of employment:
Answer: Services
252. Foreign Banks in India and Indian banks having presence outside India are to comply with Basel II norms w.e.f.:
Answer: 31st March, 2008
253. In the total food grain output of India, what is the share of Kharif Crops:
Answer: 50%
254. The Grameen Bank Model of micro-finance institution was developed originally by:
Answer: Bangladesh
255. Interest on Cash Reserve Ratio eligible balance is paid by RBI on __ basis:
Answer: No interest is paid
256. Banks are required to maintain minimum of __ of their CRR requirement on a daily basis:
Answer: 70%
257. Stamp duty payable on a Promissory Note is governed by :
Answer: Indian Stamps Act
258. Banks can raise up to __ of the total Tier-I capital in the form of perpetual debt:
Answer: 15%
259. The rate of commission paid by government for pension payment is :
Answer: . Rs. 60 per transaction
260. 'Customer' has been defined in :
Answer: KYC Guidelines
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