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Banking Awareness Questions - 14th September 2014 - BankExamzGuru.Blogspot.In

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Here I am sharing some banking questions which are important for bank exams.
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Banking Awareness Questions - 14th September 2014

361. Main advantage of Cheque Truncation is the :
Answer: It decreases the cost of handling of large paper volume of small vote cheques

362. The basic Principal of WC management is :
Answer: Profitability goes with liquidity

363. A company sells off part of its assets and make a separate company i.e., unlock its value. After selling off its
assets it continues business with the remaining assets. This is called :
Answer: Spin off

364. Corporate Governance comprises of :
Answer: Board of directors, Company officials & shareholders

365. The Ratio is most affected by decrease in current liabilities :
Answer: Current Ratio

366. The %age of risk weight on cash balances with RBI is :
Answer: 0%.

367. The %age of risk weight on Central Govt. Guaranteed advances is the :
Answer: 0%

368. As per RBI Act, the floor limit is __ and ceiling limit of CRR is____ :
Answer: Nil and 20%.

369. The minimum Floor limit and maximum ceiling limit for SLR is :
Answer: Nil and 40%

370. CRR is maintained as a %age of __ and SLR maintained as a %age. of __:
Answer: NDTL : DTL .

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