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Banking Awareness Questions - 12th September 2014 - BankExamzGuru

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Here I am sharing some banking questions which are important for bank exams.
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Banking Awareness Questions - 12th September 2014

341. For getting finance under SJSRY scheme, the max. project cost for Individuals:
Answer: Rs. 50000

342. A company is inviting application for fixed deposits from general public. The FDRs so made by it will be classified under:
Answer: Liabilities

343. A bill becoming due for payment within __ shall be treated under current liability:
Answer: 12 months.

344. Exposure norms for different industries/indivlduals/ groups fixed by the Banks/RBI are part of:
Answer: Risk Management

345. Pre-operative expenses are included in :
Answer: Intangible assets

346. Pre-paid expenses-are classified as :
Answer: Current assets

347. Assets = Liabilities are as per:
Answer: Dual aspect concept

348. Normally, Foreign Traveler cheque 'buying rate is better than Foreign currency rates because of :
Answer: Holding cost

349. A bill of USD one lac under Letter of Credit is due for payment after one month. There is appreciation is
rupee. The importer will:
Answer: Gain

350. Dividend distribution tax is being paid by :
Answer: Company

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