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Banking Awareness Questions - 15th September 2014 - BankExamzGuru.Blogspot.In

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Here I am sharing some banking questions which are important for bank exams.
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Banking Awareness Questions - 15th September 2014

371. In Red Clause Letter of credit importer has given which type of banking facility for the benefit of the exporter Answer: Finance for purchase of raw material 372. In respect of letter of credit business, the term "deferred credit' is used for : Answer: a type of supplier's credit . 373. Complainant is not satisfied with the reply given, within a period of_ from the date of cause of action arise as per Banking Ombudsman Scheme: Answer: One year 374. TDS will be deducted if amount of rent exceeds Rs. __ p.a. to single payee : Answer: 1.20 lacs 375. Tax deducted for deposit accounts should be deposited within : Answer: 7 days of the following month. 376. A cheque has been issued by Director of the Company is received after the death of the director. Whether cheque will be paid: Answer: Yes, since cheque has been issued in the representative capacity 377. Note printing by RBI results in : Answer: Inflation generally 378. Which bank has launched EMI Card: Answer: ICICI Bank. 379. Maturity proceeds of FCNR (B) deposits can be remitted: Answer: To the depositors and to third parties outside India at the request of the depositors 380. Which is a derivative instrument in the financial market: Answer: Credit default swap

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