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Banking Awareness Questions - 11th September 2014 by BankExamzGuru

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Here I am sharing some banking questions which are important for bank exams.
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Banking Awareness Questions - 11th September 2014

331. SARFAESI Act has been extended to loans advanced by :
Answer: RRBs.

332. RRBs to accept :
Answer: NRE / FCNR deposits.

333. National Housing Bank (NHB) to launch _ for senior citizens:
Answer: Reverse mortgage

334.  ___ , to be the sole identification no. for all participants in the securities market with an alpha-numeric
prefix or suffix to distinguish a particular kind of account:
Answer: PAN.

335. Limit of per investor per year with respect to Capital Gains bonds issued by NHAI and REC under section 54EC
to continue :
Answer: Rs.50 lakh

336. Risk weight on loans up to Rs.1 lakh against gold and silver ornaments for all categories of banks reduced to:
Answer: 50%

337. Risk weight on residential housing loans to individuals for loans up to Rs.30 lakh has been reduced to % :
Answer: 50%

338. The requirement of 'no due' certificate to be dispensed with for small loans up •to Rs. __ to Small and
Marginal Farmers, share-croppers and the like and instead, obtain self-declaration from the borrower:
Answer: 1,00,000.

339. RRBs can now take up Corporate agency business for distribution of insurance products, including health and animal insurance on basis:
Answer: Without risk participation.

340. Under SARFAESI. secured creditor, before taking possession of the charged assets, should give notice of _
days to the borrower or his authorized agent:
Answer: 60

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