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Banking Awareness Questions - 3rd September 2014 by BankExamzGuru

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Here I am sharing some banking questions which are important for bank exams.
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Banking Awareness Questions - 3rd September 2014
271. What is MCA-21 :
Answer: It is the e-governance project of Ministry of Corporate affairs 
272. The new name of UTI Bank is :
Answer: Axis Bank 
273. BPO & KPO stand for :
Answer: Business Process Outsourcing & Knowledge Process Outsourcing 
274. International Bank for Dev. & Reconstruction is also known as :
Answer: World Bank 
275. WWW refers to :
Answer: World Wide Web 
276. The book 'A View from the Outside- Why good Economics works for every one' is written by :
Answer: P.Chidambaram 
277. Ministry of Labour has banned children less than 14 yrs from working as domestic help:
Answer: With effect from 10th October 2006. 
278. ICRA,CRISIL,CARE,FITCH India are names of :
Answer: RBI approved rating agencies In India 
279. PNB has made it mandatory to extend collateral free/without third party guarantee loans up to _________to
the MSEs by the branches.:
Answer: Rs. 100 lakh 
280. 'Pure Banking, Nothing Else' is the signing off statement of _ :
Answer: State Bank of India
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