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Banking Awareness Questions - 10th September 2014 by BankExamzGuru

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Here I am sharing some banking questions which are important for bank exams.
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Banking Awareness Questions - 10th September 2014

321. What is meant by Pari-Passu charge:
Answer: Pro-rata in the ratio of outstanding within the consortium approved limits.

322. Which financial institutions converted into a Bank on 01.10.04 :
Answer: lDBI Ltd.

323. Fire wall is used for:
Answer: Hardware/software to protect the IT system/website from unauthorized access.

324. The foreign bank which has its own currency chest in India:
Answer: Standard Chartered

325. What is Internet:
Answer: Network of Networks

326. Expand INFINET :
Answer: Indian financial Network

327. Deferred payment guarantee is a :
Answer: financial guarantee

328. Net Block means:
Answer: Fixed Assets minus depreciation

329. The declared objective of the 11 th Plan is :
Answer: Faster and More InclusiveGrowth

330. Committee on Financial Inclusion for RRBs __ :
Answer: Dr. C Rangarajan.

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