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GA Questions - IBPS PO Exam - 19th Oct 2014 (Morning Shift)

GA Questions - IBPS PO Exam - 19th Oct 2014 (Morning Shift)

1.    HDFC Tagline - We understand your world

2.    Smart star account opened by which bank – ICICI bank

3.    In Varistha pension Bima scheme will be administrated by – LIC

4.    Director of Singham Returns movie – Rohit Shetty

5.    Taskant is the capital of – Uzbekistan

6.    Sati pratha abolished by whom – Raja Ram Mohan Rai

7.    Railway minister: Sadanand Gowda

8.    Basic saving bank deposit account maximum credit amount in a year is – 1 lakh

9.    Full form of PKI – Public Key Infrastructure

10.  Iran president: Hassan Rouhani

11.  Author of Revolution 2020: Chetan Bhagat

12.  Which country is part of European Union but do not use euro currency - Denmark

13.  3 ATM transaction usage from different bank in a month is applies to which city:

14.  CBS Full form- Core Banking Solution

15.  Cyrus Mistry is the CEO of – TATA group

16.  Kakrapar atomic power plant- Gujarat

17.  DNA full form: Deoxyribo Nucleic acid

18.  Home rule league moment leader - Annie BesantBal Ganga Dhar Tilak

19.  Committee on Banking Ombudsman – Suman Verma Committee

20.  What “S” stands in CDSL – Securities [Central depository Securities depository Ltd.]

21.  RBI given Banking licence to IDFC and __- Bandhan

22.  IFSC Code contain how many digits- 11 alphanumeric code

23.  On tap licensing mean?

24.  EBW full form - Export Bills Permitted to be Written off

25.  BSE is given trade facility – online

26.  Which country got gold medal in 25mr air rifle in Asian games?

27.  Full form of PMJDY – Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

28.  According to WHO, Highest rate of Child marriage – Bangladesh (India raked 2nd)

29.  Agaria Tribe belongs to which state – Madhya Pradesh

30.  Capital of Tanzania – Dodoma

31.  DIGC insurance cover is headed by – Central Govt.

32.  The initial minimum paid-up capital for a private bank shall be Rs.200 crore

33.  MTSS used - personal remittance

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