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English Quiz For Competitive Exams

English Quiz

Directions (1-5): Choose the option which has correct pair to fill the blank space given in question.
1. Using ……….designs to undermine the importance of others is not a healthy act.
(A) Nefarious
(B) Architerural  
(C) Fictitious
(D) Brittle
(E) Proper
(F) Plagiarized

(1) A & C (2) B & D (3) C & E
(4) A & F (5) C & D

2. Coercion sometimes leads to the ………………of short term goals, but its drawbacks far outweigh its advantage.
(A)  Realization (B) Appreciation
(C) Accomplishment (D) Achievement
(E) Destination  (F) Achievement

(1) A & D (2) C & E (2) A & B
(4) A & F (5) B & F

3. Lack of ……………..is the basis of good teamwork  but our ability to work with others depends on our acumen.
(A)  Rigidity (B) Dogmatism
(C) Professionalism (D) Positivism
(E) Consideration (F) Egoism

(1) A & D (2) C & E (3) B & D
(4) A & F (5) A & C

4. Man is ………………, he likes to know how things work. The search for understanding is fundamental in its own right.
(A) Evolving (B) Inquisitive
(C) Appreciative (D) Curious
(E) Quixotic (F) Social

(1) D & E (2) C & F
(3) B & C (4) A & C
(5) B & F

5. “Patriotism is the last ………… of a scoundrel” .
(A) Refuge  
(B) Destination
(C) Repatriation  
(D) Opulence
(E) Refuse  
(F) Shelter

(1) A & C  
(2) A & F
(3) A & D  
(4) C & E
(5) B & D

Directions (6-9): In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent.

6. With public outrage over the recent gang-rape in Delhi not just related to the issue of safety and security of women in the Capital but also how they remain vulnerable to attacks all over the country, politicians with legal background here believe that it is time to set up special fast track courts to deal with such cases in major metropolitan cities _________________.

(1) The activists are of the view that this will help in providing justice to gang-rape victims as cases will get transferred to the large cities, beyond the area of influence of the accused.
(2) Fast track courts give instant decisions in one or two hearings
(3) What else we can expect from government who has apathetical attitude for the victims.
(4) Any action related to rape case should bring out harder and exemplary punishments for the rapists
(5) Fast track courts are considered to be the specialists of dealing with such grave cases with public satisfaction and that also in practical, acceptable time limits.

7. A lot should rightly be written about his past, on the way he made full use of the opportunities that limited over cricket had to offer__________________People may not remember the zip code in their address, but will promptly recall every single digit in this figure -18426, accumulated over the time many international cricketers have spent on the planet. Recall the 154 wickets that were taken with an action that resembled a fawn prancing around on a cricket field; also the 140 catches grabbed with evergreen palms, celebrated with the enthusiasm of a young boy rejoicing at the sight of his first bicycle. All in God’s name – Sachin ….Sachin is the only name, god of cricket can have.

(1) It is no small achievement to score those many runs
(2) Sachin was the best batsman of his time.
(3) No other Indian batsman achieved so much in cricket and not any would be able to do that in future.
(4) By now you have got enough hints about whom we are talking?
(5) None of these

8. Anyone interested in the spirituality and mediation looks for a Guru or a teacher who can guide him in the right direction ______________. These are the people who have promoted spirituality, meditation, love, peace, brotherhood, serving others and other such humanitarian values to people in India and the rest of the world.  Adi Shankaracharya was the first philosopher who consolidated Advaita Vedanta, one of the sub-schools of Vedanta. He believed in the greatness of the holy Vedas and was a major proponent of the same.

(1) Indian gurus are famous everywhere.
(2) A guru provides you the right direction to you.
(3) The land of India is full of Gurus, spiritual as well as religious
(4) Adi Shankaracharya was the first known guru of Indian history.
(5) And every year hundreds of  foreigners visit here in India to find a guru.

9. Indians are proud of Bollywood – the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai. The gross earnings of some of the Hindi movies are really impressive. It is also instrumental in creating direct and indirect job opportunities for millions of Indians – not only as actors, actress and directors, but also as crew and ‘extra’s. Of course all these prove that Indian films are accepted well in the market _______________. It is well known that none of the Indian films has ever won an Oscar.

(1) But International and renowned awards are still far away from the reach of Indian films.
(2) Quality of films is still poor on international benchmarks.
(3) However, when we take a different look at the same industry and try to look at how Indian films are received by the critics, we get an entire different picture
(4) Income is not a parameter of standard of quality on offer in a film.
(5) None of these

1. 4
2. 4
3. 4
4. 1
5. 2
6. 1
8. 3
9. 3

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