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GA Questions - IBPS PO Exam - 12th Oct 2014 (Evening Shift)

General Awareness Questions 

(1)Lisbon is capital of which country? Portugal

(2) 1 question regarding "Pahla kadam , pahli udan"-SBI for minor 10 years and above

(3)Current pm of UK- David Cameroon

(4)Brics bank name - New Development Bank

(5)currency of Saudi Arabia? Riyal

(6)Shivasundram hypro power project , state name.

(7)Asiad 2014 games were organised in which city - Icheon

(8)Priyanka chopra in movie mary kom playing role of – Boxer

(9)REPO RATE- 8%

(10)SEBI extended guide line to appoint at least one women in board of director- 31march 2015

(11)Upallu srinivas –Madolin

(12)Cantolania referendum from which country- Spain

(13)RBI limited ATM facility on 5 cities, who are not come under this term-BSBDA account holder

(14)Govt going to sell stake in 3 PSU, one of them –ONGC

(15)1 que on solar project

(16)C stands for in "KYC" Customer

(17)Rupay set up for which banks?? Selected few banks

(18)which motor company ceo visited india recently - General Motors

(19)One question on ozone layer

(20)Northern railway started -Go india smart card

(21)Pension scheme for uorganised sector - Swavalamban

(22)One question on real state infrastructure fund

(23)One question on senior citizen account

(24)Minimum capital required for foriegn bank to open branch 

(25)Woman Card related question

(26) Reit full form - Real State Investment Trust

Some computer questions asked

1) In Excel, cells are defined as : Intersection of Rows & Columns

2) A device that controls sudden upsurge in Voltage in electronic devices; Voltage stabilizer

3) Which is not an input device: Monitor

4) Full form of TCP/IP

5) Home page is : First page

6) A site consists of generally : Lot of web pages

7) A link on a website that opens another page Hyperlink


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