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Banking Awareness Questions - 6th October 2014 - BankExamzGuru.Blogspot.In

Dear Friends,
Here I am sharing some banking questions which are important for bank exams.
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411. Twin sisters of Bretton Woods:

Answer: World Bank and IMF.

412. Which,type of Letter of Credits, pre-shipment credit is offered :

Answer: Red-clause letter of credit

413. Explain the term 'Islamic Banking' :

Answer: Banking without the factor like" Interest on money deposited or lent"

414. In Ombudsman Scheme, Customer Service Committee Report is to be submitted on __ basis :

Answer: Quarterly

415. The risk associated with higher foreign exchange reserves is :

Answer: Exchange rate movement risk

416. What is the maximum discount that a company can offer to retail investors for their public issues?:

Answer: 10%

417. Which country has chosen the face of its motherhood as the first woman to be featured in its banknotes? :

Answer: South Korea

418. India ranks as _ in the list of largest carbon emitters:

Answer: Fourth

419. Who is the head of internal working gap set up by RBI to examine the recommendations of the Radhakrishna Export on Agricultural indebtedness?:

Answer: Mr V.S. Das

420. Account of Bank of America with us will be treated as:

Answer: Vostro account

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